Honu Restaurant Buffett Review


Peaceful and relaxed, we settle in for breakfast at Honu Restaurant Buffett at Marriott’s King Kamehameha hotel. As we look out over the ancient heiau (religious building) and out to Kona Bay we hear the soothing Hawaiian guitar music. The location is wonderful and has none of the noisy overtones we have experienced in lesser buffets.

Time for food… All the dishes were disappointing. There was not 1 which we were impressed with. All tasted processed. The scrambled eggs, I would bet, are the type you pour from a square container not the type of eggs you crack. Other than nice service and a peaceful environment this buffet holds nothing of value. We will not be going back for a 2nd plate.

Having said that, Marriott did just recently purchase the King Kam hotel and it is probable the food quality will get better over time. For now, this is not what we have come to expect from a restaurant which is housed within a Marriott property.

Aloha,    James Christopher





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