Island Fish and Chips Restaurant Review

Island Fish and Chips

I was thinking back this morning to when we had first landed in Hawaii…

I can’t believe we are finally Living In Hawaii. Finally!!  It almost doesn’t seem real. We have been planning this for so long. I guess this is the definition of surreal. I remember when we first arrived here. I would look in the closet.  It was so barren, devoid of the normal amount clothing I would expect to see. Most of our things were still being shipped over and I felt a little loss for that which had been let go, the opportunity costs of leaving… the trips we will not be enjoying to The Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, and more in Las Vegas. Then I quickly get over it as I realize, WE’RE IN HAWAII!!!!!

God this feels good. We have been listening to Hawaiian music day and night, Keali’i Reichell, Bruddha Iz, and others, on Pandora. We can smell the salt water and feel it lapping up at our feet with the sand scrunched between our toes cleansing and refreshing the bottoms of our feet like a loofah with every step. We went through, in our mind, what we would do when we first landed. Where will we eat? What will we do?  Will we get settled into our condo first? Or will we drive straight to Anaeho’omalu Bay, one of the most picturesque locations on Hawaii and go snorkeling?

The first thing we did after we landed in Kona was go to Island Fish & Chips restaurant in the King’s Shops at Waikaloa. It’s the best fish and chips we’ve ever had. They serve deep fried oysters. When you dip it in their guava jelly, oooooohhhhh, that’s goooood!!!!!  It is totally different from English fish & chips and it is amazing.

Today we ordered the Fish, Chips, Shrimp, and Calamari plate with a small pit of coleslaw salad. The fish is always fresh. The batter is crispy, never soggy. The chips are American style french fries with good flavor. The coleslaw has crispy cabbage and tasty pineapple with an overall excellent flavor. The setting is great before the sun goes down. Island Fish and Chips is a walk up restaurant with a seating area outside. For optimal enjoyment, we recommend purchasing your food about half an hour before sunset and walk across the street, through the Marriott to Anaeho’omalu Bay where there are beach lounge chairs. Hold hands, relaxing with your toes in the sand, listening to the water lapping at the shore, enjoying your dinner while watching the sunset.

We then took a walk along the beach just soaking up the fact that we made it to Hawaii. After that, we got settled into our long term vacation rental.  We love If you are looking for high quality condos or home rentals, they do very well. Once we got settled in, I wanted to drive around and check out everything. Leise wanted to relax and take a nap in the hammock.

Just laying here thinking about beautiful Hawaii, I feel the warm off shore breeze and I drift away, caught up in the dream state of possibilities and future realities. I dream of lazy days laying in the hammock with the sweet fragrant smell of the plumeria tree’s flowers wafting through the air. I feel my shoulders relax just a little bit more. These are the dreams which we carry with us. This is why we have worked so hard and diligently.  Aloha Hawaii. We’re home….

We give Island Fish and Chips at the King’ Shops at Waikoloa Beach, Hawaii an overall 4 out of 5 surfboards rating.

James Christopher

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