Boat Landing Cantina Restaurant Review


If a picture is worth a thousand words than I am scared. I just ordered the ‘b.l.c. nachos’ at Boat Landing Cantina at the Hilton Waikoloa Hotel, Waikoloa, Hawaii at the north end of the property. The cheap, velveeta-looking, cheese and the scary looking guacamole is concerning me. Well, I am a believer in facing my fears. So here it goes…

It’s not as much bad as just cheap or lower quality cheese and guacamole. The black olives, fresh cilantro, freshly cut fire roasted Waimea sweet corn, salsa made with freshly cut tomatoes, onions, and peppers, really saved it.  We needed to ask for extra salsa and freshly cut jalapeño peppers, which they supplied with promptness, to cover the horrible flavor of the cheap nacho cheese and guacamole. Finally, the chips were very good. They were the thick corn tortilla type which, to me, reminds me of Mexico.

The flavors with the extra salsa, were good and the service was great. The music was upbeat dance music which we both enjoyed. Sitting, relaxing as we eat we look across the little hidden lagoon with its parked wooden passenger boats waiting to go into service and take their visitors to their destinations throughout the Hilton property. In the clear water you see blue fish with yellow fins. Other fish are grey up to 3 feet long. Birds dart around us, ever vigilant, waiting for the dropped tortilla chip which will feed their family for the day.

Quick note:  Make sure you eat here before the boats start running at 2pm if you like to eat without breathing engine exhaust.

For it’s ambiance and outdoor open air style I give Boat Landing Cantina 4 out of 5 surfboards. For the food quality and flavor I give it 3 out of 5 surfboards. We will probably eat here again because of it’s proximity to our home, but we will try something else to eat.

Aloha, James Christopher

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