Thru Jim's Eyes

Another beautiful sunrise looking northeast from Honoka’a on Hawai’i Island. I love Hawai’i. I live Hawai’i.

Driving home, down the west side of Mauna Kea, above the clouds makes for a beautiful Hawai’i sunset. Mahalo Ke Akua!! I love Hawai’i. I live Hawai’i.

30 minutes later

Another lazy day in paradise. I love Hawai’i. I live Hawai’i.

Sunset from the farm. Akaka Falls and the whole Hamakua Coast is beautiful. I live Hawai’i. I live Hawai’i.

Tell me again why some vacationers were concerned about visiting Hawai’i Island? Were they afraid it might be too beautiful for them to handle?

Hanging out at Waikaloa Beach Marriott waiting for Amy Hanaiali’i to take the stage for Aka’ula Lanai. Mahalo Marriott. Mahalo Amy. I love Hawai’i. I live Hawai’i.

Another beautiful day on the Erupting Fire Island. The roads and beaches are surely much more peaceful and relaxed since the mainland news started scaring travelers out of visiting. Americans are...

Another beautiful Hawai’i Island sunrise. Good morning world.

Words can not express my gratitude to Demian for adeptly sharing his experiences from the heart of Madame Pele. Mahalo braddah.

What more can I say? I will share Demian’s posts with aloha. He is the source today. Mahalo @dbphotogallery May you flourish and grow. May tour following be all humanity. And...

Another great post from @dbphotogallery. Mahalo Demian for all you’re doing during this crisis.

We just restocked in preparation for the vog. Eyes are lightly burning, slight headache, and feeling a bit sluggish. This stuff works. VOG Defense and Detox Cleanse were created by a...

Just tried Steve’s Akaka Falls Farm Kona Coffee Butter made with Down’s Grounds Peaberry Coffee on pancakes at Hawaiian Style Cafe. OMG 😲. This is the 1st time I’ve tried the...

Film day in Hawi with my wife as we take a much deserved dragon fruit sorbet and chocolate Oreo ice cream. It’s so good and Hawi is so very relaxed.